1. Athens Throwdown team finals will run on 06-07-08/05/2022. All team competitors will compete in all three days of the finals.

2. All team competitors must check-in at the venue on Thursday, 05/05/2022, between 18:00-19:00 o'clock Greek local time! Briefing will take place between 19:00-20:15 o'clock!

3. For your check-in, you must know the unique ID number of your team: soon you will be able to find it on Piece of Game, next to your team name, and you will use it during the whole event.

4. During the check-in, Team Leader must have with him/her the Passports or the ID cards AND the signed Waivers of all team members! You can download and print Waiver here!

5. During the check-in, competitors will be given wristbands that they will have to wear throughout all three days! Without them, no one will be allowed to enter the venue and the arena!

6. If a team misses the check-in, then it will have a last chance on Friday morning, 06/05/2022, between 07:00-07:30. If the team doesn't show up in both check-ins, then its spot will be automatically offered to lucky losers!

7. Soon, Piece of Game will publish the detailed timetable of the event, with the exact times that competitors are going to compete on Friday, 06/05/2022. At the end of each day of the finals, the heats will change based on the teams’ performance and they will be published at Piece of Game! Event is going to end on Sunday, 08/05/2022, after 21:00 (Greek local time)!

8. Athens Throwdown 2020-two Leaderboard will be live throughout the finals and will be updated as scores are submitted. At the end of the finals, teams will receive an overall ranking.

Number of Teams who compete directly in Finals:
Elite Teams (3 Male competitors): 80
Scaled Teams (2 Male competitors, 1 Female competitor): 96


1. Registration for teams will open on Friday 1st of November 2019 at 12:00 (Greek local time). You can see all available categories here.

2. There are no qualifiers in team event! The first 80 Elite Teams and 96 Scaled Teams to register will be invited in Athens, Greece for the finals on 06-07-08/05/2022.

3. Once the registration is completed, each team has the right to change two competitors, until 29/04/2022, 17:59 Greek local time.